Rocky Mountain Nordic Angel

The Nordic Angel fund will be available to help support athletes based on performance and financial need. These funds will help Rocky Mountain Nordic athletes that are currently members of USST and potential Olympic hopefuls further their ability to train and race at the highest level of cross country skiing.

100% of the funds will go directly to athletes!

- RMN Nordic Angel

Recent Donations

Name Amount Comment
Anonymous Donor $13.00 For Noah Hoffman's 2014 - 2015 US Ski Team Financial Support from "RUFUS" The Wonder Dog! Friday, 28 July 2014.
Kevin Kenlan $100.00 In support of Noah Hoffman - living our dreams...
Anonymous Donor $12.00 For Noah Hoffman's 2014 - 2015 US Ski Team Financial Support from "RUFUS" The Wonder Dog! Friday, 13 June 2014.
Bobbi McClead $50.00 for Noah Hoffman.
Anonymous Donor $11.00 For Noah Hoffman's 2014 - 2015 Financial Support from "RUFUS" The Wonder Dog! 8 May 2014.
James Bradley $100.00
Ed Luban $50.00 for Noah Hoffman
Charles Anderson $50.00 For benefit of Noah Hoffman
Gregg Shapiro $50.00 For Noah Hoffman. Thanks for coming to EMBK. You were a real inspiration.
PATRICIA TRECKER HEFFERON $100.00 I'm helping Noah Hoffman with the expense involved in being an Olympic competitor for the U.S. in Cross Country Skiing. It's hard to compete at your best level while worrying about the money you need to do so. Go Noah!
Ruth Brown $25.00
Greg & Tamara Greg & Tamara $100.00 In support of Noah Hoffman.
Anonymous Donor $10.00 For Noah Hoffman???s 2014 - 2015 Financial Support from "RUFUS" The Wonder Dog! 4 April 2014.
Colt Whitley $38.00 Good luck. Ski fast.
Anonymous Donor $50.00
Wayne/Merry Carnes/Ellefson $500.00 Support for Sylvan Ellefson; you are the Big Papa!
Julie Hartman $40.00 For Tad and Evan Elliott. So proud of you boys. All the best from your 5th grade teacher, Julie Hartman.
Lara and Marc Whitley $50.00 For our fast Aspen boys: Noah, Simi and Michael!
Frank & Frank & $500.00
Denise and Robert Weaver $250.00 Good luck Durango athletes! You inspire all of us.
Andre Wille $100.00
Heidi Hauenstein $150.00 Thank you for representing the Rocky Mountains so well. Good luck this season!!
Eric Baker $100.00
steve krest $50.00 Steve & Barb say "Go Lanny Go Tracy!!"
Elaine & Denny Elaine & Denny $150.00 Best of luck Tad, Tracy and Lanny!!....sorry to have missed the "party"!! Ski fast - Keep the faith!! We love cheering for you all and are so proud of your dedication !!
John Bakken $100.00
Frank Peters $100.00
James and Hensley Peterson $250.00
Peter Looram $1000.00
Dave and Brenda Sigurslid $500.00 For Tad, Lanny, and Tracy.
Danger Dangerson $35.00 for Tad "Supah Rad" Tadderson
Richard & Caye Richard & Caye $50.00 For Tad, Tracy, and Lanny. Go for it!
Lizzie Talenfeld $100.00 You guys are the BOMB!
the wells group of durango $500.00
Durango Coffee Company $100.00 For Lanny, Tracy, and Tad - Three wonderful athletes!
Anonymous Donor $100.00 Get it done, Rocky boys!
Matt Koff $200.00 This is for Tad Elliot! Go Tad follow your dream. Thanks for your coaching!
Laura Lewis Marchino $100.00 From John and Laura Marchino
Shannon & Todger Shannon & Todger $1000.00 Here's to you, Sylvan!!!
Weaver Froelicher $50.00 Thanks for your guidance Noah!! Ski strong!!
Charla Brown Rob Burnett $200.00
Donald W Jones Jr $100.00
Steve Prudden $100.00
Clark Winchell $100.00 For Sylvan Ellefson - go get 'em buddyyy!!
Bill Bill $500.00 support funds for Noah Hoffman
Jon Fewster $100.00 For Noah Hoffman - Ski Fast Noah!
Christopher Keleher $100.00
Dave and $200.00 ski fast Sylvan
Peter Looram $400.00
Rocky Mountain Nordic Angel
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